Hi, there! I'm kf, a coder based in Portland, OR.



Data & Software Engineering

Currently, I work as a staff software engineer at Ad Hoc, standardizing platform infrastructure tooling for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Previously, I’ve been a

  • Senior software engineer at Turbine Labs, developing tools for managing service mesh infrastructure;

  • Data team lead at Splice, analyzing software for music producers;

  • Data and site reliability engineer at Simple, building reliable online banking and budgeting applications;

  • Software engineer in distributed systems at Comcast, building cloud infrastructure for the cable industry; and

  • Freelance software engineer for startups in San Francisco, mostly focusing on backend and data engineering in Scala.

I've worked on all parts of the stack, from writing distributed database internals to developing responsive web applications and data visualizations. I've also spent significant time improving monitoring and observability for service-oriented architectures, both internally at companies and via SaaS products.

These days, I’m especially focused on using my skills for social good, through working with the government and improving diversity & inclusion in the private sector.



Teaching & Training


Before working in tech, my passion was teaching! Now, I enjoy teaching workshops on functional programming, especially in Clojure and Scala. I've served on the boards for ClojureBridge and Bridge Foundry, consulted on curriculum and instruction for code schools, and facilitated private Ally Skills workshops, as well.



Community Organizing


In my spare time, I've organized workshops and events for a wide range of programming-related groups, including ClojureBridge, Bridge Foundry, Women Who Code, Papers We Love, and PLIBMTTBHGATY. I've also helped organize conferences like Philly ETE and Open Source Bridge, and I regularly serve on talk selection committees for conferences focusing on data and infrastructure engineering.

When I'm not organizing events, I enjoy speaking at them! I've given talks and panels for Clojure/West, Women Who Code, Open Source Bridge, self.conference, LaunchCode, and PDX Women in Tech.